Become a Mistcooling Dealer

Answer:  A Mistcooling dealer is someone who directly works with the customers who will be the "end users" of a Misting System. Dealers generally gather important information from the customer, help with system design, go to the customer's location, and perform the installation of the system for the customer. The best dealers will often draft service contracts with the customers and offer them maintenance, support, and repair services if needed.

Answer: Dealers are generally "boots on the ground" sellers who purchase our products at a discounted rate and charge the customer for the labor and parts associated with installation.  Dealers often work as landscapers, plumbers, contractors, or handymen who offer misting systems as one of their products and services.  Wholesalers and resellers, on the other hand, normally purchase our products in bulk and rebadge/remarket the products for sale in their stores or websites.  They are generally not involved in system design or installation. 

If the description of a wholesaler/reseller better fits you, please DO NOT fill out the dealer form below.  CLICK HERE instead.

Answer: Yes! Our product selection is huge, and the options for misting applications are nearly endless. Our sales and technical support staff give top priority to dealers who need advice on system design, installation methods, troubleshooting, and more.


  1. Amazing discounts on our products!  Discounts grow as you purchase more! (See terms and conditions for details)
  2. We help you build a clientele! If a customer calls us inquiring about a system installation, and there is an official Mistcooling dealer in their area, we will give the customer our dealer's contact information.
  3. Our products are high-quality, easy to install and maintain, and are eco-friendly! They are the ideal choice for customers looking for reliable and sustainable cooling solutions. All of that makes your job easy from beginning to end!

Answer: There are a wide variety of applications for misting, and our dealers are encouraged to do as many as they desire:  

  1. Cooling for residences, restaurants, schools, shops, warehouses, sports events, livestock and more
  2. Humidification for things like greenhouses, data centers, and various material production facilities
  3. Produce misting
  4. Mosquito control
  5. A/C Precooling
  6. Roof cooling
  7. Dust suppression
  8. Odor control
  9. Sanitization
  10. Special effects
  11. Think of something new, and we'll help!


  1. Professionalism and excellent customer service.  A customer's experience with a Mistcooling dealer will affect how they view Mistcooling as a company.
  2. Regular business activity.  Much like no one opens a car dealership to just sell one car, we expect dealers to be active in designing, selling, installing, and performing maintenance on the systems they install.
  3. Protect your discount code. Allowing employees, family members, or friends to use your dealer discount code for purchases that are not related to the dealer's business is strictly forbidden. If your code is ever stolen, please notify us immediately.


Step 1: Learn more by viewing the Q&As above and reviewing the terms and conditions below.

Step 2: Fill out our dealer application at the bottom of this page.

Step 3: Email a copy of your EIN/W9 to

Step 4: Work with our support team to place your first order as an official Mistcooling Dealer. You will receive a personalized coupon code which will provide your dealer discount on all purchases you make.

To qualify as a new dealer, we require a minimum, initial order of $2000.00. Your first order of $2000.00 will include a 15% wholesale discount. For subsequent orders that exceed $2000.00, you will qualify for an upgraded discount of 30%. Once the minimum order requirement is met, you will not be required to meet it again. Instead, 30% discounts will apply to all future orders, regardless of the dollar amount.

As a valued dealer, we offer Tier II Discounts to those who reach a total purchasing amount of $10,000.00. Details of these discounts will be disclosed at a later time. Please note that all discounts apply to the advertised pricing on our website at

We have no territory restrictions, and exclusive country-specific rights are available upon request (subject to conditions).

Please note that as a dealer, you will be responsible for all shipping charges. Invoices will be generated at the end of each season (September).

Mistcooling reserves the right to revoke a dealer's status in certain circumstances including, but not limited to, customer complaints about the dealer, unpaid invoices, the coupon code being misused or shared outside of the dealer's organization, long periods of inactivity, etc.

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