Misting Nozzles

Discover the superior misting nozzles from Mistcooling, perfect for outdoor cooling, industrial misting, greenhouse humidification, and mosquito control misting applications.


Stainless Steel Misting Nozzles

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Anti Drip Misting Nozzles

Anti-drip misting nozzles prevent water leakage when the system is off, conserving water and maintaining system efficiency.

Speciality Misting Nozzles

Utilize specialty misting nozzles like ceramic nozzles for corrosive environments, industrial misting purposes, and industrial cooling needs.

Brass / Stainless Steel Misting Nozzles

  • Stainless Steel misting nozzles excel in versatility, durability, user safety, and easy maintenance, making them the ideal choice for your misting needs.

Factor to consider when choosing Misting Nozzles

Water pressure

To determine the appropriate orifice size, consider the following recommendations:

  • For low pressure, it is advisable to use a 0.020" or 0.015" orifice.
  • For medium pressure, a 0.012" orifice is recommended.
  • For high pressure, it is suggested to use a 0.008" or 0.006" orifice.

 Placement of the system

Will the misting system be utilized in a residential, restaurant, or industrial environment?For residential applications, we recommend utilizing standard misting nozzles; for restaurant settings, anti-drip nozzles are advised; and for industrial use, specialized nozzles are available.

Nozzle material

Which type of nozzle material is superior - Plastic, Brass, or Stainless Steel?

Materials requirements

Do we require specialized nozzles for specific corrosive applications?

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Applications of Misting Nozzles

Nozzle Flow Rate - GPM  

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