Welcome to the Mistcooling Refund Center! If you want to learn about refunds, request a refund, or check on the status of a refund, this is the page for you!

I am requesting a refund

  • If an item was lost or damaged in shipping: CLICK HERE.
  • If a product needs to be returned because the wrong part was ordered or you no longer want/need it: CLICK HERE.

Check the status of a promised/approved refund. Please fill out the form below only if...

  • You are checking on the refund status for a return that was already processed, or a lost/damaged item that we have already helped with.
  • You are tax-exempt and need your taxes refunded (Click Here to learn more about tax exemption).
  • You are checking on the refund status for a credit card authentication test charge
  • You are a dealer and didn't receive your discount
  • You received a refund but the amount was incorrect

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