We are happy to offer in-house diagnostic, repair, and maintenance services to our customers. If you need to send your pump in, please follow the instructions below and review our service process:


1. Fill out and submit the form that you will find below:

2. Securely pack the items you are sending to us (Mistcooling is not responsible for any damages that occur prior to delivery to us). Please include:

  • Any related items that technical support has told you we may need.
  • Include a hand written or typed note with your contact information to ensure we can match your pump to this form.
  • The pump:

​- Make sure to drain water from the pump thoroughly

​- For oil-based pumps onlyInstall the sealed oil cap that came on your pump from the factory. Shipping the pump with the vented cap installed will cause the oil to spill. If you no ​longer have the sealed cap, drain the oil before shipping, and leave the drain​ plug and oil ​​cap uninstalled ​so we know that no oil is in the pump. Package the plug and cap in a plastic bag and ​be sure to send them with your pump. If oil is drained or spilled, we will have to bill you ​for an oil change and possible cleaning charges.

3. Ship your package to 5001 South Front St. STE 1A. Brookshire, TX 77423


  1. Once we receive your pump, we will match it with the form submitted below, and one of our service specialists will begin diagnostics.
  2. Our present labor rate for diagnostics and repair is $95.00/hr.
  3. Once our specialist determines the needed course of action, our technical support staff will send you a formal quote including labor, parts, and shipping.
  4. Once payment is received, our specialist will perform the necessary services, and test the unit for a full day before returning it to you.
  5. By sending your pump to us, you are agreeing to pay the initial 1 hour diagnostic fee of $95.00.
  6. We guarantee that the total cost of service will never exceed the cost of replacing the whole unit.

By clicking this button and sending my pump in for service, I authorize the diagnosis of my pump, and I agree to cover shipping and the 1 hour diagnostic fee $95. Repairs/service will not be performed until final quote is paid in full.