​Mistcooling Residential Misters for Outside Patio - Outdoor Misting System

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12 Nozzles, 200PSI Booster Pump, Calcium Filter, 50ft. Flexible Tubing - Mister System Kit for Porch, Poolside, Backyard

  • Cool Down Your Space - Create an outdoor oasis with our residential mist system. Whether it's your backyard patio, balcony, or garden, our misting systems bring refreshing relief from the heat. 
  • Smooth Mist Production - Featuring a built-in calcium inhibitor filter and 12 brass/stainless steel mist nozzles, our sprinkler mist system for patio disperses a smooth and steady spray of fine mist. 
  • Effortless Installation - Setting up is a breeze with our patio misting system. With 50ft of tubing that connects to a 3/4" garden hose, you can enjoy instant cooling relief in your outdoor space. 
  • Made to Last - The outdoor misting cooling system's nozzles withstand the formation of rust and corrosion, making way for long-lasting durability and reliability for your outdoor cooling needs. 
  • Everything You Need - The set includes a 200PSI booster pump, 50ft of tubing, a calcium inhibitor filter, 12 nozzles, 6ft. feed line, 3/4" garden hose connector, plastic clamps, and push locks.

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Can't enjoy your outdoor spaces during hot summer days due to the intense heat?

The scorching heat of summer can turn your once-beloved outdoor areas into unbearable spaces, leaving you trapped indoors and unable to fully enjoy your backyard oasis. Whether you long for a leisurely afternoon lounging on your patio or dream of hosting lively gatherings in your garden, the relentless heat can quickly extinguish any outdoor plans.

The good news is that it doesn't always have to be that way. With our residential misting system, you can transform your outdoor spaces into cool and comfortable retreats, even on the hottest days.

Experience the ultimate cooling solution with the Mistcooling Residential Misting System.

Our 200psi booster pump, proudly made in the USA, ensures whisper-quiet operation while delivering a smooth and consistent mist production to keep you cool and refreshed. The system comes complete with cleanable brass/stainless steel misting nozzles, UV-treated flexible tubing, and push lock fittings for easy installation.

Our residential misting system features a built-in thermal safety switch for added peace of mind and support for up to 20 nozzles, so you can easily expand your cooling coverage as needed. Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue, lounging by the pool, or playing with your kids, our misting system ensures that you stay cool and comfy all summer long.

With over 30 years of expertise, our brand is a leading source of misting systems, pumps, and accessories, providing tailored solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications. Our products are supplied to over 90 countries worldwide, cementing our status as a global leader in misting solutions.

Here are more reasons to love our residential misting system:

- Simple installation

- 0.5 GPM flow rate

- Backed by a one-year warranty

Stay cool and chill in your outdoor spaces all season long. Add the Mistcooling Residential Misting System to your cart NOW!

1 Year Warranty - Product Registration required.


Q :For two spreads of about 40 feet on each side of my pool are - can i divide the tubing in two sections?

A:  For spreading a mid-pressure system we suggest using the mistcooling parts for misting system, as these are designed for misting systems.The mid pressure three-way tee is: https://mistcooling.com/3-way-tee-mp.htmlThe High-pressure misting system three-way tee is :https://mistcooling.com/1-4-coupling-tee-push-lock.htmlHowever, for any system more than 20 Nozzles, we recommend using the best mistcooling systems , which are the high pressure misting systems :https://mistcooling.com/mist-cooling-systems/high-pressure-misting-systems.html  

Q:  What is the estimated water consumption of this unit with all 12 nozzles per hour?

A:  Approximate would be around 9-10 gallons

Q:  Can you cut the hose down to any length you want?

A:  You can, recommended nozzles spacing for mid pressure is 2 feet. To purchase extra tubing for the misting system, please see our mist tubing section below:https://mistcooling.com/mist-tubing.html

Q:  Can I get this with black or brown tubing?

A: The Patio misting system comes with black tubing and metal or plastic misting tee with brass/stainless steel misting nozzles.The link for the misting nozzles is: https://mistcooling.com/stainless-steel-mist-nozzles-10-24-thread-0-012-orifice-160-to-1000-psi-mid-pressure.htmlThe link for the metal misting tees is: https://mistcooling.com/misting-tee-for-mid-pressure-misting-systems-metal.htmlThe link for the tubing is: https://mistcooling.com/mist-tubing.html