Variable Frequency Drive Mist Pump - VFD 1.0 GPM
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Features of VFD Misting Pump:
  • Built with a variable frequency drive and energy-efficient Max 1500 psi variable speed misting pump,
  • Now you can automatically adjust mist output flow based on your cooling needs.
  • For industrial applications, a high-performance misting pump of 3gpm may be the best choice compared to 1gpm or 2gpm. And this is precisely what the variable speed misting pump is designed for.
  • Engineered to help users adjust mist output flow based on the demand of each zone, this is an energy-efficient Max 1500 psi pump
  • Now available in multiple flow rates, including 1gpm, 2gpm, and 3gpm.
  • Since it is energy efficient, you don’t have to worry about your energy bills.
  • Besides this, it is whisper quiet and comes with a 5-micron commercial filtration system. This ensures the mist generated is clean and healthy, and dust-free.

Cooling needs vary, depending on applications and the local climate. For example, as days get hotter in the summer, you will need more cooling than on other days.  


  • Voltage:200- 240V 
  • 50-60 Hz Inlet Connection
  • 3/4" GHT Outlet- 3/8" MNPT 
  • 1.0 GPM, 2.0GPM, Or 3.0GPM Flow rate options
  • 1.0 GPM -Supports up to 80 Nozzles
  • 2.0 GPM -Supports up to 160 Nozzles
  • 3.0 GPM -Supports up to 250 Nozzles
  • Enclosed
  • Dual Commercial Filtration
  • Oil Required
  • Applications- Industrial Misting Application, Green House Humidification, Dust Suppression
  • Max 1500 PSI Weight and Dimensions: 130 lbs. 20L x 16W x 13"H


  • Built-In Variable Frequency Drive -
  • VFD Energy Savings
  • Continuous Duty Low Noise High performance and reliability
  • Plug and Play operation
  • Longer life and less maintenance
  • Ground fault, temperature, and short circuit protection
  • Enclosed and protected circuit board Automatic Energy Optimization
  • Automatic Motor Adaptation Electronic
  • Thermal Relay Built-in RFI Filter Removes the need for an external controller Utilizes motor's full potential.
  • Smooth start without tripping 150% motor torque up to 1 minute Cooler Operation with intelligent heat management
  • Optional Electronic Valves for Automated Zones Available with 2-4 Zone High-Pressure Manifold
  • Built-In Variable Frequency Drive -
  • VFD Continuous Duty Enclosed and protected circuit board Increased robustness
  • Enclosed and protected circuit board

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