Variable Frequency Drive Mist Pump - VFD 2.0 GPM
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  • Variable frequency drive and energy-efficient Max1500 psi
  • Variable speed misting pump
  • Now you can automatically adjust mist output flow based on your cooling needs.
  • Engineered to help users adjust mist output flow based on the demand of each zone, this is an energy-efficient Max 1500 psi pump now available in multiple flow rates including 1gpm, 2gpm, and 3gpm.
  • Since it is energy efficient, you don’t have to worry about your energy bills.
  • Besides this, it is whisper quiet and comes with a 5-micron commercial filtration system. This ensures the mist generated is clean and healthy and dust-free.

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Cooling needs vary, depending on applications and the local climate. For example, as days get hotter in the summers, you will need more cooling than other days. Similarly, for industrial applications, a high-performance misting pump of 3gpm may be the best choice compared to 1gpm or 2gpm. And this is precisely what the variable speed misting pump is designed for. 


  • Voltage:200- 240V -50-60 Hz
  • Inlet Connection- 3/4” GHT Outlet- 3/8” MNPT
  • Flow- 1.0 GPM, 2.0GPM, Or 3.0GPM
  • 1.0 GPM -Supports up to 80 Nozzles 2.0 GPM -Supports up to 160 Nozzles 3.0 GPM -Supports up to 250 Nozzles
  • Enclosed
  • Dual Commercial Filtration
  • Oil Required
  • Applications- Industrial Misting Application, Green House Humidification, Dust Suppression
  • Max 1500 PSI Weight and Dimensions: 130lbs. 20L x 16W x 13"H


  • Built-In Variable Frequency Drive -
  • VFD Energy Savings
  • Continuous Duty
  • Low Noise High performance and reliability
  • Plug and Play operation
  • Longer life and less maintenance
  • Ground fault, temperature, and short circuit protection
  • Enclosed and protected circuit board Automatic Energy Optimization
  • Automatic Motor Adaptation
  • Electronic Thermal Relay
  • Built-in RFI Filter Removes the need for an external controller
  • Utilizes motor's full potential
  • Smooth start without tripping
  • 150% motor torque up to 1 minute Cooler Operation with intelligent heat management
  • Optional Electronic Valves for Automated Zones
  • Available with 2-4 Zone High-Pressure Manifold
  • Built-In Variable Frequency Drive -
  • VFD Continuous Duty Enclosed and protected circuit board Increased robustness
  • Enclosed and protected circuit board