Seeing the word "Fraud" can be a frightening thing. We're here to help resolve the issue and ease any concerns.

Q: What is "Suspected Fraud?"

A: When you place an order on our website using a credit/debit card, our credit card processing company ( begins the payment capture process. When they reach out to your credit card company, they review a long list of credentials to make sure that all of the information you input matches the card information.  Sometimes, enough information matches for your credit card company to release the payment, even if everything doesn't match perfectly. In such a case, places a hold on the payment, and they do not complete the transaction until we have followed an authentication procedure (to be discussed below).  This hold shows as "Suspected Fraud" on your order status.

Q: What could have caused my purchase to be flagged as "Suspected Fraud?"

A: Credit card processing companies analyze a wide range of data in the verification process. Any error in the billing name, address, or zip code may put the order into "Suspected Fraud" or may cause the purchase to be immediately declined in some cases. However, that is not all.  Due to the high dollar amount of many of the purchases being made, they check far more than that. 

Things like a different billing address and shipping address can flag an order. If the order is placed from a cell phone or electronic device that is not directly tied to the IP address of the card's billing address, that can also raise a cause for concern. For example, placing the order on a computer at work, or placing the order on your own cell phone while on the wireless network, can look like someone who isn't you. 

In some cases, the dollar amount of the purchase is so high that requires additional authentication to mitigate risk, even if everything matches.

Q: What is our authentication process?

A: We have a 2-step process designed to ensure that only the card's real owner is making or authorizing the purchase.  Our support staff will guide you through that process and even offer alternative payment methods if the process cannot be completed. We keep any information that we collect secure.

Q: What do I do if my order is "Suspected Fraud?"

A:  We check for suspected fraud orders regularly throughout business hours (Mon-Fri 9-5 CST). Chances are good that we have already contacted you using the email address associated with your order. However, if you haven't heard from us, please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

Please review the Q&A above. If you need to contact us concerning your order, please fill out the form below.